Academy of Art and Design | HGK | FHNW
- Jan Torpus (project management, research through design)
- Roderick Galantay (research)
- Bennet Uk (programming, technical setup)

Further research project collaborators
- Alex Schaub (sound design)
- Deanna Herst (text and context)
- Fabien Barati (virtools programming, design)

Project partners
- Valentin Spiess, i-art (technical support, programming)
- Dr. Martin Guggisberg, Universität Basel, Departement Informatik (programming)
- Beatrice Tobler, Museum of Communication Bern (museological analysis)
- Schindler Annette,, Art and New Media (implementation, evaluation)
- Prof. Douglas Rodney, Institut für Neuroinformatik (consulting)
- Ralf Michel, Swiss Design Network (consulting)
- Priv. Doz. Dr. Dr. Rodert Sader, Med. Augmented Reality
Universitätsklinik für Wiederherstellende Chirurgie Basel (consulting)

Thanks to
- Reinhard Gottwald and Reto Stibler for measuring of the tracking sensors, Institute of Geomatics Engineering | FHNW
Andreas Simon for the support during the calibration process, Institute for Research in Art and Design | FHNW
- Therme Vals for the sounds we could record in the Therme spa

- Project start: August 2005
- Project end: April 2007