Research questions
Taking a familiar space of everyday life as a starting point, ‘living-room2’ intends to explore how Augmented Reality could be integrated into our daily life. Furthermore, the project intends to propose a new, ‘third’ reality, integrating both ‘real’ and virtual space.
As such, ‘living-room2’ intends to create a scenario for a future experience of domestic hybrid reality spaces. 
To achieve this, ‘living-room2’ focuses on the following main research questions:

1. Tactility and sensory perception
Which elements could be replaced by the virtual or the ‘real’ in a reliable way? The ‘virtual’ expresses immateriality; data or ambience whereas the real includes physical activities such as touching, sitting and eating. Which objects in daily life could establish the connection between the virtual and the ‘real’? How to use tactility and sensory perception in both worlds?

2. Design parameters
How could parameters as visual, sound, interior design, aesthetics, interaction / interface design and narrative be developed to connect virtual and ‘real’ space? These elements will be explored in order to establish a seamless experience of both worlds simultaneously.

In different scenarios, these specific research topics will be explored and elaborated. A description can be found in the sections ‘scenarios’.